Tee Shot-Driver

In my imagination, I walk over to my bag and reach in and take the head cover off of my driver. I pull the driver out and walk over to the tee. I reach in my pocket and get a tee. I tee up my Maxfli 1 with the name facing the target. I walk behind the ball and pick out my imaginary line from the ball to my target. I’m visualizing a line 24 inches long – 12 inches in back of the ball to 12 inches beyond the ball, pointed in the direction over which I expect to extend my club. I waggle the club and feel the weight of the clubhead as I look down my line. I can see the ball taking off on this line.

I approach the ball and set the clubhead down behind the ball. My feet are together and parallel to my line of flight. I glance up at my target and adjust my stance to the correct width – shoulder width apart. I bow at the hips and flex my knees slightly until I am very comfortable. I drop my right shoulder down and let my arms hang relaxed. I waggle the clubhead. I keep my feet in motion to keep my body relaxed. I rotate my head for one last look at my target. I glance back down to the ball and look at a spot at the back of the ball with my left eye. I’m ready and I feel good. I forward press my hands slightly to start my swing. I turn the club away with my left shoulder. My upper body turns over my right leg post. My weight shifts from about (50-50, left, right) to about 90% of my weight on the inside of my right foot. I’m now at a full coil at the top of my swing. My hands and club are over my right shoulder. My left shoulder is under my chin. My right knee maintains its original flex. I’m looking at the back of the ball. I pause briefly at the top. I plant my left heel to initiate the downswing. My right elbow drops into the slot against my right side. I “set” into the hitting position with my knees flexed. My wrists remain cocked as my club approaches the ball from the inside. My left hip is turning out of the way as my weight is moving to my left side. I feel the solid click of the ball against the clubface. As I follow through my head continues to stay behind the ball. My right shoulder brings my head up and I follow the flight of the ball as it travels toward the target. I see the ball hit on line with my intended flight and roll to the center of the fairway approximately 250 yards.

I experience the feeling of a perfect shot hit right on line with my target and I feel great.

I enjoy hitting my driver consistently down the left side, fading to the middle of the fairway, and coming to rest about 260 yards from the tee. I experience the terrific feeling of knowing I hit this drive.

You’ve just read my descriptive statement and affirmation for a tee shot-(driver). I’ve studied psycho-cybernetics since 1975. If I hadn’t learned how to relax, visualize and concentrate, I wouldn’t have lasted fifteen years on the PGA Tour. I sincerely hope you practice these mental skills religiously. If you do, I promise you’ll see great results in your golf game as well as all aspects of your life. Enjoy.

Your Friend,

Pat McGowan

Three qualities are used in order to they generate the power and the state of mind necessary to work “miracles”. Since the mastery of one leads to another, it is strongly recommended that they be learned in this order. First relaxation, next visualization and then concentration.


The art of relaxation is one of the most rewarding skills you can develop. Relaxation is the process of turning down the conscious mind and allowing the physical body to relax. As you well know, to develop any skill requires daily practice and the ability to relax is no exception.

In order to relax, it is necessary that you be in a comfortable position either sitting up or lying down If you choose the sitting position, sit erect with your feet apart and your legs, from the knees down, in a vertical position. Rest your elbows on your hips with your hands on your thighs, palms up or down, and relax your neck by rotating your head in a circular position. In either position you should remain motionless.

You will be able to easily tell when you have reached the point of deep relaxation. It is like turning on a switch and immediately relaxation occurs. You might complete your relaxation by saying to yourself, “Each time I practice relaxation, it becomes easier and easier for me. I can relax quickly and easily, whenever I wish to do so, and return to full energetic awareness at will.” This exercise should be practiced from 10-20 minutes a day.


Visualization is the ability to form mental pictures. All of us are capable of forming mental pictures and drawing meaning from them. Your powers for creating mental pictures will work more quickly and efficiently if you have developed a good crystal clear preconceived result formed in your mind. At first it may seem the pictures you have created are unclear, but let me assure you every activity of your life begins with an idea or thought. After you find you can create good clear pictures, then take on the master of sound, touch and smell to make your pictures even more real. I guarantee the work and the time involved is worth the many benefits you will derive.


Concentration is the ability to focus the mind on one specific thing at a time. The great secret of a controlled imagination is well sustained attention repeatedly focused on the goals to be accomplished, and the feeling that you are already there in your imagination. We use our imagination correctly when we view it “subjectively” as a participant as though we are really there. When you understand this function of imagination, you hold in your hand the very key to the attainment of all your goals.

All progress depends on the increase of attention. The ideas that move you to action, are the ones that dominate your consciousness and posses your attention. Your imagination is able to perform depending on your degree of attention (concentration).

A truth that sets you free is “You can experience in your imagination what you desire to experience in reality, and by maintaining this experience in your imagination, your desired goal becomes reality.”

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