World-renowned PGA TOUR putting coach and internet instruction guru David Orr hosts his famed, in-person golf school, Flatstick Academy, at Pine Needles. Orr uses a unique, holistic approach to drastically improve his students’ putting games. His instruction template includes seven principles of putting performance:
(1) Mental State, (2) Putting Skills, (3) Stroke Fundamentals, (4) Your Putter, (5) Generating Speed, (6) Managing Direction, and (7) Movement Strategy.

Choose from a 1-hour “The Private” session, a 2-hour “The Tune-Up” session or a 3-hour “The Overhaul” session.

For more information, please visit FlatstickAcademy.com.

David Orr was named the #1 teacher in North Carolina and #33 teacher in America by Golf Digest and one of GOLF’s Top 100 Teachers in America.

He has helped countless pros rise up the ranks, including Justin Rose, who ascended all the way to World No. 1. So how did he get here?

 It’s been quite a roller-coaster ride. I didn’t go into this with the goal of teaching Tour players. I just wanted to study putting. After college, I started taking some graduate level biomechanics classes that dealt with kinematics and kinetics, looking into angle of motion and how it relates to putting. Meeting David Edel and learning about his theories on aim was a watershed moment, though. I ate it up, and we eventually began collaborating and presenting. By the time I met Justin Rose, in 2011, I had amassed 20-plus years of data on different putting strokes. Then Rose helped Team Europe to a Ryder Cup win in 2012 and bagged the U.S. Open the following year. That’s when my life changed.

– David Orr, 2019 Golf Magazine Interview